Clonarrow Wind Farm

Site Location

The site is located approximately 2.5km southeast of Daingean and 15km east of Tullamore. It is located in an area that is designated as “Open for consideration” for Wind Energy Development, in the Offaly County Development Plan. 

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Community Benefit Fund
If the wind farm is granted planning permission, Regnum is committed to setting up a community benefit package to support the residents living closest to the project. We will collaborate closely with the community to customise this financial support package, placing​ local individuals at the forefront of decision-making regarding its implementation and impact.

Proposed Development
The proposed 4-turbine layout and turbine dimensions will be subject to change as the detailed environmental studies progress, which will take place in the coming months.​ The project will also include access tracks, a substation and ancillary infrastructure, a temporary construction compound, a temporary meteorological mast, underground cabling and a grid connection which links the wind farm to the national electricity grid.

As the project progresses, any updates or milestones that are achieved will be documented here. If you have any feedback, comments or queries in relation to the project, please do not hesitate to contact us through our dedicated Community Liaison Officer for the project:
Daragh Browne
t: +353 87 487 6422​